Adderley Green Open Day

  • Thursday, August 20, 2015
    Guests were welcomed to Adderley Green Care Centre, a specialist centre for treatment of neurological disorders / conditions. They were invited to listen to and ask questions of the senior clinical team, before being shown around the newly developed facilities.
    The multidisciplinary clinical team at Adderley Green will specialise in neurological rehabilitation for complex conditions such as Acquired Brain Injury, Stroke, Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness and Spinal Cord Injury as well as provide long-term care for progressive diseases such as Huntington’s Disease, Early Onset Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy and Motor Neurone Disease.
    Guests to Thursday’s (August 20) open day included leading clinicians, commissioners, community and acute placement teams, representatives from local support groups and local council representatives.
    Professor Anthony Ward, world-renowned neurological rehabilitation expert has recently joined the team as Medical Director. He is also Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at Staffordshire University and Director of the North Staffordshire Rehabilitation Centre (NSRC) at the Haywood Hospital in Stoke on Trent.  
    Welcoming visitors to Adderley Green Professor Ward said: “Adderley Green will provide a much needed specialist service that integrates across both the acute and community NHS teams. The service will support the clinical pathways by providing patients ongoing rehabilitation, treatment and care through a team of expert clinicians. Our driving ethos is to deliver the highest quality of care and achieve the best possible outcomes for our residents.”  
    “We are looking forward to working in partnership with local clinicians, commissioners, and the wider community to help improve the quality of life for the people in our care. This also provides a great opportunity to offer an in-reach facility for use by community teams, charities and local support groups.”