Early Onset Dementia

Early onset dementia means a deterioration of the brain that starts when a sufferer is below the age of 65. Because dementia gets worse over time, people with early onset disease may be severely affected long before they reach old age – which is devastating for everyone involved, and may bring additional difficulties. For example, younger sufferers of dementia may still be in work, with financial commitments and dependent children at home.

Like other forms of dementia, early onset dementia affects the brain's cognitive abilities. The most obvious symptom is gradual memory loss, which becomes more severe over time. Other common symptoms include confusion, poor judgment, language difficulties, behavioral changes and depression.

However, every sufferer's experience of early onset dementia is unique – which is an important consideration in their treatment, and is well understood by the expert, caring team at Badby Park's Meadows Centre.

We put together an individual care plan drawing on a wide range of multidisciplinary therapies, enhanced by a programme of varied and stimulating activities, ensuring that each patient has the best possible support in maintaining their independence and quality of life. Treatment takes place in spacious, well-equipped therapy rooms, an enclosed courtyard and a beautifully landscaped sensory walled garden. We believe strongly in consulting closely with families and carers, enabling them to remain involved and engaged with their loved ones at all times.

If you are interested in coming for a visit, Badby Park is easily accessible from most towns and cities in the South East and the Midlands. We are approximately half-way between London and Birmingham and easily reachable from either the M1 or the M11 motorways. We are handily located in a beautiful parkland estate, yet only minutes away from the market town of Daventry in Northants.

If you want to discuss a family member or loved one who is suffering from early onset dementia and would like some advice, or if you are a local early onset dementia support group looking to host local events, our clinical advisors would be more than happy to talk to you. Call us on 01327 301041 between 9am and 5pm, or email us on enquiries@badbypark.co.uk.