Frontal lobe dementia care

The Frontal Lobe is an area of the brain responsible for controlling language and social behaviour. If it gets damaged, people may experience personality changes and problems with speech – which is exactly what happens with Frontal Lobe Dementia. The term 'Frontal Lobe Dementia' covers a number of specific conditions, including Pick's Disease , but they all involve deterioration of this part of the brain, develop gradually over time and affect sufferers in similar ways. Symptoms include behaving out of character or inappropriately; impaired speech; loss of memory and a decline in intellectual capacity.

At the Meadows Care Centre at Badby Park, our multi-disciplinary care team will focus on managing these distressing symptoms in order to help patients with dementia maintain a level of independence, dignity and quality of life. Our high-quality, purpose built facilities – including a peaceful sensory walled garden and spacious treatment rooms – provide a safe and enriching environment for indoor and outdoor therapies. We encourage patients, families and carers to share their views and ideas with us, developing an individual care plan together. This might include speech and physical therapy and learning to develop coping strategies, combined with rewarding and stimulating activities that build on the patient's own interests and abilities