Palliative care

Many people think of palliative care as end of life care for those who are terminally ill. While this can be the case (for example, in a hospice environment), palliative care also refers to any nursing care that focuses on prevention and relief of suffering as opposed to treatment or cure.

At Badby Park, effective palliative care forms an essential part of the support we provide to patients with complex, long term conditions. Our goal is to help each patient to live as full a life as possible, by alleviating any distressing symptoms associated with their illness or treatment. This may include pain relief, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychological and spiritual support and complementary therapies – all of which can make a huge difference to quality of life.

Every patient has an individual care pathway, developed by our multi-disciplinary team in close consultation with families, friends and carers, in which palliative care may play a significant part. Therapy takes place indoors and outdoors in a spacious, purpose designed environment – including comfortable en-suite rooms, facilities for visitors, and a beautiful sensory walled garden.

The Palliative Care Program integrates the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of care, offering patients a support system that enables them to live as actively as possible for as long as possible. Here, we emphasise relief from pain and other distressing symptoms. Our services include a support system that helps residents and their families understand and manage the experiences, emotions and challenges associated with the illness.