Parkinson disease care

Parkinson's disease is one of the most common degenerative diseases affecting the nervous system. Its main symptoms include tremors, rigidity and mobility problems, but there can be many others too – including cognitive and behavioral problems, loss of sensory awareness and sleep difficulties.

For some people with Parkinson's, the disease progresses fairly slowly and they can lead full lives for many years after diagnosis. Others find that their condition deteriorates rapidly and has an increasingly detrimental effect on day-to-day life.

At the Meadows Care Centre, our multidisciplinary team of therapists has a deep understanding of Parkinson’s, its effects and its treatment. We understand that many of the less common symptoms can be just as disabling to patients as the classic motor difficulties. In consultation with patients, families and carers, we develop a holistic care plan that focuses on each patient’s personal experience of Parkinson’s – designed to enhance their quality of life, and to help them achieve maximum mobility and independence.

Residents are encouraged to make the most of their interests and abilities through varied activities and a tailored programme of indoor and outdoor therapies. We offer patients with Parkinson’s a , friendly and uplifting environment – with well-equipped, spacious and comfortable rooms, and delightful gardens enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.