Pick's Disease care

Pick's disease is a rare degenerative disorder that causes areas of the brain controlling speech and personality to deteriorate. It is also known as Pick disease, PiD and frontotemporal dementia – because the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain are affected.

Early symptoms of Pick's disease are similar to those of depression, mental illness or Alzheimer's disease. As the illness develops, sufferers may behave inappropriately or out of character, and their intellectual ability, memory and speech can become severely impaired. Although Pick’s disease progresses slowly, the symptoms can be very distressing for sufferers and their loved ones alike.

The Meadows Care Centre at Badby Park offers the highest standards of care for people with Pick's disease. We develop individual care pathways for each resident, designed to help them maintain independence and quality of life, in close consultation with families and carers.

Our high-quality accommodation offers a unique purpose-designed environment, with spacious and comfortable rooms, an enclosed courtyard and a beautifully landscaped sensory walled garden. A multi-disciplinary care team delivers indoor and outdoor therapies and a varied programme of activities, exploring and encouraging each resident’s interests and abilities.