Respite care

Respite Care provides the benefits of Badby Park’s neurological care service to residents who are normally cared for at home.

For families and other caregivers, respite care is an opportunity to take a break from the burden of care and recharge their batteries. Residents who come in for respite care typically tend to return to Badby Park on a periodic basis. In our experience, respite stays work well in complimenting the domestic care that our respite clients usually receive.

The respite stay can be a week, a month or longer. During their stay at Badby Park, residents will be cared for by Badby Park’s multidisciplinary team of clinicians and therapists. Staying at our award-winning facilities, set amidst fifty acres of beautiful historic parkland, respite residents will be able to benefit from therapies not available at home.

Respite care provides an opportunity to have a current, in-depth health assessment undertaken, leading the way to future care programmes and therapies.

Respite care is usually funded through social services or NHS continuing care. However we do have clients at Badby Park who purchase respite care privately.